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Thread: Reason for Evil - A Bionicle Fan Fiction - PG (see rating details)

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    Default Reason for Evil - A Bionicle Fan Fiction - PG (see rating details)

    Okay I've decided to try my hand at writing (again). I'm not the greatest, like at all, but I need to put all these cool ideas somewhere right? But I'm going to be doing, instead of a Pokemon fic, a Bionicle one. So... if you enjoy Bionicle, consider reading this, mmkay? Thanks.

    So this fic is rated PG, there will be pretty much no coarse language but I can't guarantee 100% none. There is violence, but it isn't anything like chopping off limbs and stuff. And considering it's based off a LEGO product, I think we're good for gore and blood. It does however have a fairly dark tone, so if you like to read happy, cheerful stories, this isn't the place for you. I have Chapter 1 at the ready to be posted (hopefully) as soon as this gets accepted.

    Disclaimer: These events have no relevance to any official or unofficial Bionicle storylines. It is an original timeline and universe I thought up. Despite this I do not own any of the content in this fanfiction. 2001-2009 The LEGO Group

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    ~Prologue~ EVERYTHING

    Makuta Teridax
    24 hours before the Day of Celebration

    Toa are monsters. That’s right, monsters. They go around acting like they’re the bosses of the place, like they’re actually doing good. But they aren’t. Their so-called “heroics” distract them from seeing the aftermath of their actions. And they do so, without a care in the world. And they don’t even make up for it. They don’t even apologize.

    Someone needs to make them pay. And considering how it’s been thousands of years of this same corrupted, flawed system, it looks like that someone is going to be me. But why do I hate the Toa so much? Because they ruined my life. Every hope and dream I had... down the drain. EVERYTHING.
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