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Thread: Pokemon eggs?

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    Default Pokemon eggs?

    Iv'e been wondering why pokemon eggs in the anime have cool and unique designs based on the pokemon inside, but in the games they all look like this whether it's a magikarp egg or a Dialga or Giratina egg. Manaphy's egg in one of the movies -> Are they just too lazy to make individual sprites? Or maybe they think it will give away what it is based on looking at it so it will give away the fun if you just trade eggs with another person.
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    It might be in part leaving what's in the egg a surprise, but the time it would take to make a couple hundred unique egg designs and program the game to assign them properly, as well as the space the additional images would take up, is probably the main factor.

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    This is more of a game (or general?) question rather than something about the anime, closing~

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