So, Hidden Power's a pretty important move in the metagame, and it has a big impact. I mean, for many Pokémon, it can be used to patch holes in their coverage or to help deal with certain would-be checks and counters. Hidden Power Ice and Fire are common additions to the movesets of any Pokémon and others, such as Ground, Grass and Rock aren't so uncommon either. In certain cases, they can make a Pokémon what it is - Magnezone would be no way near as useful if Hidden Power didn't exist. You can't deny that being able to give any Pokémon a move of any type is pretty useful.

But there's one major setback that means Hidden Power just can't quite become arguably the best move in the game, up there with the likes of Stealth Rock, and that's the fact that it's Special, meaning that it's practically useless on most Physical Attackers. Certain Physical Sweepers would really appreciate a move such as Hidden Power, imagine Kyurem-B with a 70 Power Fire move coming off that Attack Stat! No more Ferrothorns as counters, that'd be for sure.

So, my question is, what impact do you think the introduction of a Physical version of Hidden Power (i.e. the exact same mechanics as the Hidden Power we know and love, except Physical) would have?