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    Quote Originally Posted by Sogeking View Post
    No, I said that the record company makes a fixed amount, so the loses are only affecting the bands themselves. In this situation due to how much pirating going on yeah only the record company is benefiting, but stricter piracy laws would help the bands.
    LOL. If piracy laws were stricter you'd need to pay for that signature in your avatar, or singing a song on youtube. Serebii might also have to pay a monthly fee for using nitendo's stuff. Do you really want that unnecessary BS?Likewise more piracy laws aren't going to help the artist. The record company only cares for themselves, that's why the piracy laws were put into place to benefit the company not the individual. You don't get the point of their inception, that's what's wrong.

    The argument is that's legally and morally wrong, as both cases are stealing from the person who holds the rights to the song. It's the same as someone using something of yours without your permission, as long as they don't make a profit off it. Movies and tv shows buy licensing rights to songs all the time, and the artists makes money off of it. If I bought the rights to a song, and sold the rights to a movie does that make me wrong? Not really, it just means I made a business investment that's paying off.
    That's not stealing. When did listening to a song become stealing a song? i'm not using it for profit or getting any other gain out of it. Were are you getting this logic from?

    I gave sources and proved your individual points wrong one by one. Yet, you just put your fingers in your ears and scream.
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