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Thread: Favorite pokemon tcg experience

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    Default Favorite pokemon tcg experience

    Just as the title say's.

    Mine would possibly have to be the time I was running my lilligant deck at the time and I was stuck as a petilil against my buddys mime jr, the end result was he rage quit by making up a TM card that had sudden delete from Palkia Dialga Legend so he could get rid of fliptini. That or when he walked into the door at mcdonalds and falcon punched it on the way out.
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    what in the aids did i just read?

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    So, I will keep on playing the game and my dad is getting me a new deck so I can practice playing the game online. I will name my deck Tepig firepower! I have tons of fun while playing Pokemon TCG and Pokemon Black. I am a proud player of the Pokemon TCG and Pokemon Diamond. Thanks for wishing me luck! My good luck charm is my Tepig!
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