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Thread: The Light and Darkness trade shop

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    Default The Light and Darkness trade shop

    looking for distributors for my giveaways I am willing to pay you in pokemons. Also prenium is now gone :P. It is gone because people kept bugging me about it. People who used to be prenium now get unlimited shop credits. WHOEVER CAN BEAT QWOP WITH PROOF (and no hax) GETS A FULL NATURE SET OF SHINY JIRACHI (THE LEGIT NATURES). also if we trade you must remind me of what were trading. You must take a screenshot for proof and mark your name on it
    Project shiny on 3rd post,

        Spoiler:- Pending Trades:

        Spoiler:- GIVEAWAY:

        Spoiler:- rules:

        Spoiler:- Trophy case:

        Spoiler:- Starters:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- Dream Rader:

        Spoiler:- shiny:

        Spoiler:- DWF:

        Spoiler:- shiny flawless/ shiny near flawless:

        Spoiler:- flawless pokes:

        Spoiler:- services:

        Spoiler:- KOREAN POKES :

        Spoiler:- Infinte Credits for the people below:

        Spoiler:- You may buy these with credits (you can also trade for these):

        Spoiler:- Wants:

    If i'm not on serebii chances are i'm on pokemon plus. My serebii name and pokemonplus name are the same
        Spoiler:- Credit system (only avaliable to people who owns a trade shops):

        Spoiler:- Limit 1 per person:


        Spoiler:- Blacklist for my side of the shop(its very hard to get onto here. I'm a very nice person, but if you annoy me i'm going to ban you from my shop My side at least >.>):

        Spoiler:- Team enchanted garden FTW:

        Spoiler:- Retired pokemon:

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    Credit to eeveelover824
    My x and y shinies: froakie (193 eggs MM), Mime Jr (RE), Volbeat (RE)
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