Hi there! The name is Vandy74 and I wanted some advice on my Yellow team to know whether it's good or not. I've been playing Pokemon for literally over a decade and have beaten almost every game. Yet, unfortunately, I've never beaten a 1st Gen game... *Let the bashing begin* :(. So I need to beat one before I get White 2 for Christmas.
Anyways, here's my team, some of which I want for sure and others I'm a bit willing to change under extreme coercion xD haha.

Exeggutor (nicknamed Betsy May)
Solar Beam (not a fan at all of Solar Beam but Mega Drain just doesn't cut it IMO)
Hypnosis / Reflect
Strength (so it has a reliable semi-strong move for back up)

Betsy May is a must have for me as I've always wanted to use one but the moves are changeable.

Lapras (nicknamed Monique)
Ice Beam
Psychic / Confuse Ray (I traded it over, so it already knows Psychic but I am a big fan of Confusion as it can protect Monique somewhat)

Tauros (nicknamed Randel)
Double Team
Body Slam

Randel is another Poke that I really wanted but has a very experimental move set. I figure that I can Toxic the first opponent then Double Team some so I won't get hit and continue to Toxic and destroy with Earthquake and Body Slam without getting hit too much. But again, very experimental.

Machamp (nicknamed Tabitha)
Mega Punch
Rock Slide
Earthquake (because I traded over Randel I'll have access to 2 EQ TMs)

Raichu (nicknamed Marvin)
Thunder wave
Mega Punch

Submission is just an extra move I guess seeing as I have no need for both Thunderbolt and Thunder.

Charizard (nicknamed Laurence)
Dig (becuase I already plan on useing both EQs I have available)

Laurence is my flyer and the main reason I'm playing Yellow over Red and Blue, it's the best possible choice to me.

So whats everyone think? :D