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    Default Double Battle Special Challenge: Team 1

    Hi everyone, this is my first team in the RMT Section, and well, first post overall. I'm working on a double team because me and some friends are developing some kind of tournament in our college. We randomned pokémon types, and I was the (somehow) lucky ones to be able to use a multi-type team. All of the other guys are only allowed to use a mono-type team. The bad side of the story? They can freely switch the pokémon in their party for other, but I'm stuck with a single party for the whole competition.

    For the teambuilding process, my kept in mind that my double battle team was going to fight Water, Electric, Ice, Fire, Dragon and Normal-type pokémon, and that the following (spoilered) pokémon were banned. Also, Dark Void, Sky Drop+Gravity, Soul Dew and unreleased Hidden Abilities are banned.

    TL;DR:: Multi-type party for fighting mono-type teams of Water, Electric, Ice, Fire, Dragon and Normal-type pokémon. The pokémon in the following spoiler are banned. Soul Dew, Dark Void and Sky Drop+Gravity are banned.

        Spoiler:- Banned Pokémon:

    For the first party, I wanted to use a weather Team. Sun totally came to my mind, so I had to begin with a Ninetales . Then, I need someone to abuse the sun, so Venusaur seemed like the best choice. Now, having 2 special attackers, I needed a good physical attacker, so Conkeldurr would fit here perfectly. Just because I like him, Gengar was a must have. I decided the last 2 slots would be for trolling my enemy, so Espeon and Rotom were the chosen ones for the job.

    Thanks to feedback and trying the party out, it has been modified into a rain team (lol?) as it seems to fulfill its purpose better.

        Spoiler:- Gengar:

        Spoiler:- Rotom:

        Spoiler:- Conkeldurr:

        Spoiler:- Politoed:

        Spoiler:- Toxicroak:

        Spoiler:- Raikou:

    Suggestions on how can this team be improved are always welcome. I am willing to replace any pokémon or move with another, as long as it mantains good synergy with the rest of the team. Please remember that this party is going to be against monotype parties of Water, Electric, Ice, Fire, Dragon or Normal-type pokémons, so any comments about how a pokémon that doesn't have any of those types walls or counters my team will be ignored.

    Thank you very much for your time and help.

    Credits to Bulbapedia for the images, move lists, etc.
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