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    Hello, this is my first trade shop, so please be polite if there are things I need to fix or am not familiar with. I've been breeding a lot of hidden ability Eevees, and may also offer other types of hidden ability Pokemon later.

    If you would like to hear about the details of normal ability Eevees, of either gender, please let me know, I can probably provide you with the Nature/gender combination you are looking for as well.

    This shop does not make use of ANY cloning techniques, whether "legal" or not, and thus DOES NOT accept cloned Pokemon of any kind, all offers must be legit and original, RNG is ok though. All pokemon here are bred by myself on Black 1.

        Spoiler:- Male Anticipation Eevees:

        Spoiler:- Female Anticipation Eevees:

    Looking For:
        Spoiler:- Shinies:

        Spoiler:- Events Wanted:

        Spoiler:- Legends Wanted:

        Spoiler:- Dream World Females Wanted::

    Trading Conditions:
    If you are interested in making an offer for one of the Eevees, please PM me, rather than comment here, and be very specific about which one you want and what you are offering (the more detail from you, the more convinced I can be about the legitimacy of your offer). If you have questions, PM is preferred also.

    I reserve the right to reject an offer if I do not feel comfortable with the trade, or if I feel that the person is being pushy/rude/etc, or if I suspect the Pokemon is not legitimate. If you have an issue with a trade from me, please let me know the issue in a PM, and I will double check that everything was as promised, and if needed, I will trade back.

    YOU MUST BE AWARE: that before agreeing to trade, it may take some time for us to actually meet and trade, as I live in Australia, which tends to make times the opposite to most others who live in the Northern Hemisphere. I also have a life that sometimes needs attention, and so I cannot always promise a time I will be online. I will do my best to be online at a variety of different times and we should eventually meet up sometime within the week.

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    could you please hatch a egg for me you have the shiny value i need 3067-5791-8377 ign augi

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