Ethan Hunter
Professor Gureshaw's Classroom

Ethan was suspicious of the invitation to this class. He figured it was a prank of some sort due to the time it was scheduled, but he didn't really have a problem with breaking curfew. Ethan decided to go because the only other thing he would be doing at that time would be sleeping. Plus whomever wrote it took the time to write it up on a typewriter and attatch a wax seal, far classier than a computer and tape. When he arrived at the classroom he was pleasantly suprised to find that it was not a joke. Well until Ethan heard the subject matter, then he was fairly sure it was a more eloborate prank.

When the Professor had the cabinet open, Ethan was unsure of what to think anymore. There was still a posibility that it was set up beforehand. Once it was his turn at the cabinet he noticed that several of the books were now taken. Ethan started to inspect the remaining books. As his finger brushed along a certain one his eyes widened slightly. When he touched the book he felt a sense of rightness and... power. Any doubts he may have had before disappeared. Ethan immediately took the book not wanting anyone else to touch it. It was black leather with ruby and gold corners, and Ethan could not stop admiring it. As he went to sit down he didn't even open the book.

The Professor said something about simply talking to the book and proceeded to talk a little about what he called "Instant Magic". Ethan had no idea what sort of power he could have had and at this point he didn't even care. Right now he just wanted to know more about this book.

Ethan opened it up to the first page and asked with a hushed awe, "What are you?"