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Thread: Dragonheart Sanctuary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryohei View Post
    Sorry, but are those adoptable pokemon for free?

    Also, I would like to request RNG if it is open. I think it's not...
    Nope, they are not free, but I'm willing to bargain a lot for them. They need homes badly, but I'm also not going to trade more than 2 to one person, since most are shiny and flawless.

    They are still closed. I have not forgotten about them, but I'm seriously busy with IRL stuff.
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    Terrably sorry for my prolonged delay, with the release of X and Y, as well as the holidays, it seems that I forgot to pick up my RNG'ed Pokemon from Quotemaster. Sorry 'bout that. -_-;

    I will be around a lot today and tomorrow, if the opportunity arises, just shoot me a PM.
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