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Defiant w/ Muscle Band/Life Orb
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP (if Adamant)/ 174 Attack, 168 Sp Attack, 168 Speed (if Naughty)
Wild Charge/Thunderbolt/Thunder/Thunderpunch
Brick Break/Focus Blast
Smack Down/U-Turn/Iron Tail

Item:Life Orb
252 Sp Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP (if Modest)/252 Sp Attack, 88 Attack, 170 Speed (if Rash)
Thunderbolt/Thunder/Charge Beam
Dark Pulse/Fly (if Rash)
Focus Blast
Psychic/Sludge Bomb/Flash Cannon

Other Move Ideas:
Superpower with White Herb/Fighting Gem

Discharge-users for Therian
Rain Dance-users if Thunder is used.

Defensive (espically Sp Defense) with high offense and Ice/Rock-type moves like Rock Slide/Ice Punch Registeel or Dusknoir.
Best set ever:
charge beam
focus blast
Sludge bomb
- really horrible coverage
- fly sucks
- sludge bomb sucks
- charge beam sucks when you have nasty plot
- thunderus-T attack isn't really good
- can switch to stealth rock 4 times instead of 5 cause of 4 HP evs which make his HP even.
-no real need for superpower.
- rain dance? politoed***
-discharge? in doubles? ok I guess

defensive or high offense?
Both the mentioned pokemons can't counter thunderus-T
Actually the NP set have no real counters only checks..