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    Default Club Double Trouble (a double battling community)

    WELCOME TO DOUBLE TROUBLE ( a double battling community) !
    "Prepare for Trouble Make it Double!"

    (Credit to drizzleboy12 for the banner)

    ~WE BROKE 1000 POSTS~

    This club is for the minority battle type! DOUBLE BATTLING!
    I believe we can all agree on this: we the people (double battlers) have always been “small stuff” on this forum. It has always been hard to find a lot a people who double battle competitively, which of course is very frustrating. While you see people talking about their new OU team, you sit in the lonely corner because no one know what you are talking about when you talk about double battling. This club will end this! You can find new friends who love to do what you do, double battles.

    Double battling is an amazing type of battle, no tiers, just one set of rules, even more strategy involved in it for you have 2 Pokémon out at a time, and no “set” lead Pokémon for your team. This makes for a more interesting metagame, and fast paced battles we have all grown to love!

    First off, rules:
    *All sppf rules apply here.
    *Don’t join unless you are a competitive double battler or wish to become one!
    *No "one liner" posts
    *All battles must be in the current VGC format unless specified otherwise!
    *Do not spam people for battles
    *Do NOT trade people hacked Pokémon! If I find out your are you will go immediately to the 5th strike!
    * Do not set up a battles on the club. You may ask someone for one, but don’t go on just talking to them about rules and such, do that via PM/VM please.
    *No sexual or illegal drug references.
    *Don’t make anyone feel awful by insulting etc.
    *Try to make an effort of posting every once and a while please.
    *Please stay on the topic here. This usually means talking about battling, but other Pokémon discussion will be tolerated.
    *Any non-members cant post unless it is for applying
    *When posting a large post (unless told otherwise) please put it in a spoiler. I'll be the judge of large posts, but within reason.
    *Give Credit for all artwork
    *If you fail the application, you may retry 2 more times
    *Have fun

        Spoiler:- STRIKE SYSTEM:

    Things you can do in the club!
    -Chat about competitive double battling (anything about it)
    -Chat about normal pokemon discussion
    -Ask for trades
    -Ask for battles (please keep to doubles, you may ask for any other kind via VM/PM)
    -Post CRMT’s (again, only for double battle teams)
    -Make/Compete in tourneys (only make if you were hired)
    -Meet new people
    -Have fun!

    Also remember that we accept people who wish to become double battlers, so these people are gonna need some help! If they are not being active because no one is helping them to become a double battler and they feel left out then they will not be striked, but if they do not make an effort to become a double battler then that will end up as a strike.

    Member List:
    -joej m (Leader)
    -Princess Rasberyl
    -trident20 (mod)
    -Demon Kitsune Yoko Kurama
    -your boss
    -Drizzle Milotic
    -The Light Ruler
    -Fire Hero


    joej m


    RNG abusers/IV breeders:
    -your boss

    Tournaments Holders:
    -joej m
    -The Light Ruler

    EV Trainers:
    -Demon Kitsune Yoko Kurama
    Drizzle Milotic


    [Please tell me if i missed anything in any of these above sections]

    There are jobs in this club too! These are to help the community and you do not need to accept all requests, but if you don’t do your job you will be fired and have a strike. If you may retire. Keep in mind you may have multiple jobs. Also, if you did not include a job in your application that you can do just post on this thread that you would like the job.
    Keep in mind you don't need a job.

    Power of Leader:
    Leaders have the most power of all. You MAY NOT APPLY TO BE A LEADER! joej m and drizzleboy12 are the only leaders of this club. As leaders we can stike immediately after a rule is broken and fire members from jobs.

    Power of Co-Leaders/Mods:
    This rank is bellow leaders, you may ask via VM/PM if you would like to be one, but if the leaders feel like we have enough of these or you are not trustworthy then you will be denied. We expect you to be an active member of the community keeping the community flowing and a fun place for all. As Co-Leaders you may give someone a strike, but you must PM joej m or drizzleboy12 why and if one of us approves we will add the strike to the list. This means once you feel like they deserve a strike you may post on the club they have a strike, but it will not be official until a leader approves it. You may recommend to fire someone from a job to a Leader but you may not do so yourself.

    RNG abuser/ IV breeder:
    This is a VERY important job. It can help people get the flawless (and shiny if possible) pokemon competitive battlers need. you will not have to accept all jobs, but if you are not doing the job by not accepting anything then you will be fired.

    Tournament Holders:
    Tournament holders are another very important part. Without tourneys the competitive part of the name wouldn’t be there, so of course we need some. They may make rules (can be creative, like only 1st gen pokes or something cool like that) for wifi or PO tournaments. Apparently people love this job, so what we will do is instead of each of the tournament holders holding tournaments, they will all talk about creative ideas for them, and then we can vote for which one we think is best! the person with the most votes will hold the tournament unless specified otherwise!

    EV Trainers:
    First off, you must be a brave soul to do this… To everyone, do not overwork these amazing people willing to train your Pokémon for you. Accept them denying you, but you may ask later if you so desire, unless they specify not to.

    Just a helpful job to help get the Pokémon ready for the trade shop. No power involved in being a cloner.

    The trade shop:

    There will be a trade shop run by drizzleboy12 on here. This will be up when convenient for drizzleboy12. All people who are RNG abusers/ IV breeders may contact drizzleboy12 any way you chose to put some new Pokémon on it. If you have some flawless legit Pokémon but you are not an RNG abuser/ IV breeder, please feel free to post them. All pokemon will be cloned on the trade shop unless specified otherwise (so you can keep the original to yourself).
    When telling him the Pokémon you MUST include:

    -EV’s (if any)
    -If it is shiny
    -Who owned it originally (this is for if drizzleboy12 finds out it is hacked and not originally yours. If it isn’t yours then you will not get any strikes.)

    If these criteria are not met you may have ONE more try to get drizzleboy12 to approve of it

    All Pokémon that are posted must be at a competitive level and we will not accept Pokémon that do not have appropriate IV’s, EV’s, and Nature. A hacked Pokémon put on the trade shop will give you an immediate 5th strike unless it wasn’t originally yours.
    This will all be moved down to the trade shop once drizzleboy12 posts.

    ARTWORK (you may use any of this in your sig unless specified otherwise. GIVE CREDIT) :

        Spoiler:- ARTWORK:

    Joining Applications Criteria:
        Spoiler:- Joining Application:


    1. Winter cup (only ice types): 0 points
    2. BW2 VGC 2011 (Using BW2 tutors and formes but with VGC 2011 rules) :7 points
    3. Mono Region Tournament (each choose a region and proceed to make a team) :10 points
    4. Mono Colour Tournament (each choose a colour and proceed to make a team): 7 points
    5. Random Tournament (randomly given 6 pokemons and 6 itens and proceed to make a team): 5 points
    6. Greed Tournament (For each win you earn 3 points, for each defeat you lose 2. when your points became 0 you are out of the tournament) :7 points


    Please look bellow for the trading shop.
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