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Serebii user name: CrystalNinetales
In-Game user name: Astral
In-game friend code: 3440-1035-0248
PS name (if you have one): CrystalNinetales
PO name(if you have one): CrystalNinetales
Region dex: Sinnoh/Johto/Hoenn (depends on my question's awnsers)

A few questions..
Is it gonna be in doubles?
Is garchomp or Swift Swim with rain allowed? (couldnt find anything in the rules bout it)
All Battles held in this Club must be strictly Doubles. So yes, it's Doubles.
The Rules state, "If you have any question pertaining to your Pokemon for the Tournament, please consult a Mod or Leader" I do not know this (Sorry xD) so I would suggest asking drizzleboy12 or joej m. But I think it would be better to consult joej m considering his is the Club Leader.