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    Hi I'm T-Bolt and I'm a competitive double battler. (Although I'm not really sure what the definition of a " competitive double battler" is)

    I've got a lot of favorite VGC pokemon though if I had to name one I'd say Breloom. Cos spamming spore with a choice scarf Breloom is so fun xD. Seriously, spore helps disrupt a wide range of strategies and can help you set up yours at the same time.

    My favourite pokemon would be Charizard, I've liked it since I was a kid.

    I like double battles because it allows you to use with a wide range of strategies, and also allows you to be creative and create new ones. The faced paced nature of the metagame contributes to why I like it too.

    As for a job, I guess I could be an EV trainer, though I probably won't be able to do it for a while since my exams are coming soon.
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