sorry everyone for not coming on <.>
anyway i think we should postpone the tourney a lot. i trained up a team, and so did others, so we will want to use them for a reason!

so for the current topic, mine would be ludicolo!
no i am not running a rain sweep swift swim set that has an absorb bulb ._.
i made this set up a little while back. the moves were inspired from wolfey, who inspires half of the creativity in the metagame haha xD but i made the EV's etc myself.

Ludicolo @ leftovers
Ability: swift swim
Nature: calm
EV's: 252 hp/ 4 defense 26 sp attack/ 76 sp defense/ 150 speed
-giga drain
-ice beam
-leech seed

mixed ludicolo! with swift swim and leech seed +leftovers. this is a great pokemon! it can get fake out, often leading my foe to think i will fake out. since lots of people like running cresselia with no protect, and like using it from the start of the match it is easy to predict. usually a trick room t wave or icy wind comes out. but they do expect the fake out. often they protect the other pokemon just in case, which is often the dreaded metagross. but then i leech seed the cresselia. a leech seeded cresselia is really bad for them. forcing a switch or being near useless on the field. the only move that would get really annoying that a cresselia has if a trick room is up is swagger. thats another story.
The EV's let is live modest dragon gem draco meteor from a latios (i know timid, i think also modest). outspeeds an adamant max speed choice scarf landorus-t, which i am seeing more of on PS and PO. that u turn is not good. 26 sp attack isn't notable for anything, but that is the stat it jumps to getting more KO's. 4 is the remaining so i put it on defense. the moves are pretty self explanatory. i needed ice coverage on this team (more of it, i like 3 ice moves on one team usually). i didn't want or need anymore water coverage because my polities water gem and rain boosted hydro pump KO's almost everything that wasn't intended to live things like dragon gem draco meteors. metagross goes down easy from it, cresselia takes 50% hp usually, but EV's kinda vary that. giga drain is for even more coverage. leech seed for life sapping, that plus giga drain and leftovers makes ludicolo a really hard pokemon to take down with a special sweeper. leftovers is need for hp recovering. i decided that over substitute because if there is a physical sweeper out, it will break my sub immediately, so i just lost 75% hp for nothing. if i could use protect and substitute i would to annoy them more but i need all the other moves badly.
It is kinda just a big gimmick this guy... but one that works
so yeah that is the MVP of my latest team!