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seems like the club tourney is dead...
no one new joined it...
i think we should stick to normal VGC rule tourneys, unless it is on PS/PO.

anyway i am getting pretty pumped for the upcoming GBU tourney
While I do think it for the best to not do anymore specialty tournaments with the actual game cartridges, I don't think that that should mean the tournament should be cancelled.

After all, the 5 of you did spend time building and completing your teams, so to just cancel it altogether would be a bit unfair to all of you. This is the tournament that was apparently decided on, so it should be completed. Plus zombieoverkill12 and Trident120 seem to have offered to join the tournament. One player can just have a bye this first round and continue on Round 2. That or you could do Swiss, and then have a top 4 and then top 2 round.

Also, as Silvershark said, I think the biggest thing is organization and execution. Club-wide tournaments should always have big, obnoxious registration forms and be made a big deal. If you can get some art, have some art. Make a big, noisy post with the tournament details and whatever important information. Simply stating, "Hey yeah, tournament can happen, sign up yeah?" isn't going to generate much interest. Also, the OPs have not been updated, so it really limited how much people wanted to participate in the tournament. I mean, I don't even know if anyone was still participating, since there isn't like a "Who's Registered for this Tournament" on the post where we talk about the current tournament.

I think the biggest take away from this whole event is that these tournaments need to be run a little more smoothly. Possible suggestions could be to have people offer to play in the tournament before making it the official one. Just voting which tournament would be the best doesn't particularly mean they will participate. Having people volunteer to play in the X tournament would ensure that people would be playing in it. Also, maybe have a participation quota beforehand would be helpful as well, so that if not enough people sign up to play in that particular tournament, then you could nix it for some other time and move on to another tournament that may have more interest.

I personally think the tournament holders need to have a little more power in terms of the tournament. You and drizzleboy seem to be the main people in terms of hosting tournaments, but you guys do get busy on your own, and running the club should be more than enough work for you to be taking care of. Having topics for the club to talk about, making sure everyone is doing what they need, editing the OP with new information/updates, etc. Administrative duties. Tournament holders should be the ones worrying about the tournaments, right? That way you guys would only need to worry about your own teams as well as the actual club. Of course you two would have a bigger say in what's going on than most of us, but in terms of running the tournaments, I feel the actual tournament holders should be doing that instead.

Also, actual contact with the participants of any given tournament is crucial. This is why I think there should be a list of registered participants for each tournament. That way, any updates and such could be streamlined to the participants, as well as reminders to make sure all the players know what's happening, when it's happening, and any other changes. It also keeps interest in the tournament, as it would seem like an actual pressing thing as opposed to something that might happen.

In terms of scheduling, I feel the club's tournament dates are really getting the crappy hands. Tournament after tournament, bigger WiFi Tournament keep getting announced, stopping people from joining in these club tournaments. Maybe having the group participating set a tournament date vs. having a tournament date set upon us and we'd have to just scramble to it. For example, I live in Japan and I will be moving to the Philippines in 2 months. I do not follow American timezones, I have 2 jobs, and eventually, I will start college. My timetable is a bit more limited than, say, a High Schooler in the US, but at the same time, is also a bit more flexible, in that the time that I have to do something might not be as early or late as the High Schooler in the US. That in mind, I'm sure many of us other players do not have the exact same timetable, so having all the participants involved in setting the date would help determine whether the tournament is feasible or not. If the tournament is taking place at 10 pm Central Time Monday-Friday, for example, I'm automatically not in that tournament, since I am working at the time. I noticed some players backed out because of the tournament date, so that would be something to look into.

I don't know about opening tournaments up to the whole community either. I mean, in that case, why should I have to be a part of the club to participate? Plus, if we can't even generate interest in our own club, how much more to the whole community? I feel like we need to fix things up and tidy up how we run tournaments as a club first. Despite the difficulties we're facing, I feel this was a good learning experience, so long as we learn something from it.