This is a team I've been tweaking for some time now. This is a playthrough of Emerald with Pokemon which either never seem to get much respect or get so much respect I'm curious how good they really are. Also, three of these are a nod towards a certain LPer. Just looking for suggestions, no egg moves or BF moves thanks.

Blaziken @ ???
Ability: Blaze
Blaze Kick / Flamethrower
Double Kick / Sky Uppercut
Bulk Up

This is the one Gen III starter I've never finished the game with. I always seem to lose interest round about Fortree, so hopefully this time that won't happen. This set depends on whether or not I can get Flamethrower without having to trade or use the game corner.

Ludicolo @ Shell Bell / Quick Claw
Ability: Rain Dish???
Fake Out
Giga Drain
Surf / Waterfall
Ice Beam

Not too sure about this guy. Going to get Ice Beam early to try and spread the damage outside of Astonish and Absorb... stingy movesets...

Slaking @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Truant
Hyper Beam
Brick Break
Return / Strength

This. Slaking is -from what I've heard- near legendary. Insanely high attack with a crippling ability. Hyper Beam completely nulifies the ability when used.

Crobat @ Leftovers / Shell Bell
Ability: Inner Focus
Sludge Bomb
Air Cutter / Steel Wing

Not too sure where to go with this. May use AC for more damage or SW for more coverage and Defense.

Magneton @ ???
Ability: Magnet Pull??
ThunderBolt / Zap Cannon
Thunder Wave
Tri Attack / Lock On
Supersonic / Hyper Beam

Really unsure of this. I really want to use Magneton, but this is the best I could think of. Any Ideas?

Dusclops @
Ability: Pressure
Shadow Punch / Shadow Ball
Will-O-Wisp / Toxic
Confuse Ray / Disable

This guy could make or break this team. If I end up not giving him Shadow Ball, I could probably give it to Slaking.

Thanks for your help guys!