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Thread: Rate My Black 2 In Game Team

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    Default Rate My Black 2 In Game Team

    The team is not complete yet, need sugestions for a pokemon that can learn surf but isn't a water type due to electric weakness!

    - Jolly
    - Rough Skin

    Stone Edge
    Swords Dance

    - Quiet
    - Analytic

    Flash Cannon
    Light Screen

    - Adamant
    - No Guard

    Dynamic Punch
    Thunder Punch
    Fire Punch
    Ice Punch

    - Adamant
    - Pressure

    Ice Punch
    Night Slash
    Low Kick
    Swords Dance

    Charizard (Flyer):
    - Modest
    - Blaze

    Fire Blast
    Focus Blast
    Dragon Pulse
    Fly (Never Used)

    None water type that can use surf???
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    I'd run Dragon Claw / Rock Slide > Outrage / Stone Edge. You're boosting with Swords Dance anyway, so the drop in power isn't as significant. Also, Outrage's Confusion side effect / Stone Edge's missrate can really screw with a sweep

    I guess you could run Dual Screen, but it isn't all that efficient ingame imo. Thunder Wave / Signal Beam over the Screens for a more offensive approach imo. Also, Thunderbolt > Discharge if you choose to run Thunder Wave. Otherwise, it's your choice.

    Fire Punch is highly redundant with the rest of it's moveset. Stone Edge > It for Fighting + Rock coverage. Payback also deserves a mention as it destroys Ghosts who mess with it's STAB. You could also use Bulk Up somewhere on the set as Machamp has the bulk. Dynamicpunch / Stone Edge / Payback / Bulk Up is the way to go, but you could forgoe one of the latter two moves for Ice Punch if you really want to keep it

    You may want Jolly > Adamant on Weavile as Swords Dance is boosting you Atk regardless. Alternatively, you could remove Swords Dance in favor of Ice Shard. Weavile doesn't have the best defenses making it hard to find a time for it to set up. Brick Break > Low Kick is also an option for more reliable damage.

    Flamethrower > Fire Blast on Zard imo. It's really up to you, though.

    You could use something like Ludicolo. It only takes neutral damage from Electric attacks and gets STAB Surf. Swampert, Quagsire, Whishcash and Kingdra are also worth noting.*

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