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Thread: Which B&W charatcers would you prefer Ash traveling with now

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    Default Which B&W charatcers would you prefer Ash traveling with now

    From the game Black and White only.

    If the anime producers gave us, fans, a vote on who's Ash next female and Male companion is.... Which female and Male character would you have voted for Ash to travel with next instead of Iris and Cilan?

    I would of liked White and Cheren to have traveled with Ash, Cheren having great knowledge in Pokemon like Cilan and Brock giving Ash advice on Pokemon would help Ash alot in his adventures and the road of becoming a Pokemon Master Ash. Although he will forget all about it in the next Region and still lose in the league.

    With White always looking for adventure and maybe having the goal to become Pokemon Champion of Unova. xD

    Which ones would you choose and why?

    I also found this amazing pictures! =D

    Ash, Brock and White

    Ash in Black 2's clothes.

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    Now, can we choose any one? Even older characters? Cuz, I'd like to keep Dento but replace Iris with Dawn. I think this trio would be fun =]
    I could see Brock returning next series though if Dento leaves, hes still in Kanto trying to get to his goal but that doesn't mean he can't travel with Ash still.
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    I'd still choose Iris and Dento. If not them, I'd choose Cheren and Bianca and have Hilda as Ash's main rival.

    And if Brock and Dawn stayed I would have quit the series. ._.

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    Bel to replace Iris. Would be interesting

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    I would'be kept Iris and Cilian.

    They're not perfect but they're good enough.

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    Dear god those outfits are terrible..

    Anyways i'd get rid of cilan and iris in a heartbeat and replace them with

    Hilda *who is the brock/cilan of the show*
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