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Thread: i only ship marisaxpatchouli because alice is creepy

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    Default i only ship marisaxpatchouli because alice is creepy

    hehe most of you won't know were i am talking about.. touhou it's !
    but besides alice creeps me out with her dolls made out of human souls and skulls,,(yeah :/ )
    is marisa the thief who always steal the books of the bookwork otaku patchouli, and while marisa is very hyper and like to put her nose in almost everything, patchouli is a calm girl who like the be alone and read all day long. yush :3

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    ...Well, I certainly don't know what you're talking about, but I'm at least gathering that you're talking about a pairing from a series that isn't Pokemon? It's fine to do that, but such a topic would belong in Alternative Shipping not the main section. I would move this there, but a shipping discussion really needs more context and explanation of the pairing (and I'm not even sure from your post what series this is from) in addition to some discussion questions to create... well... discussion.

    Because of that, I'm going to go ahead and close this. You can remake a thread for this pairing in the alt. shipping section as long as you give a clear explanation of what you're talking about and provide a means for people to discuss the pairing.

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