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    Default Rate My Team 5th Gen

    This is my team,I played on Pokemon Online and this team has crushed
    90% of teams including Ubers

    Togekiss@Modest Leftovers Serene Grace EV:252 SP.Atk/ 252 SP.Defense

    Air Slash
    Takes down Fighting and Grass aswell as having Stab
    Shadow Ball
    Takes down a majority of Psychic and Ghost types
    Takes down Scizor,Ferrothorn,Forrestress
    Aura Sphere
    Can take down a huge amount of pokemon

    Liepard@Calm Flame Orb Prankster EV:252 Defense/252 SP.Defense

    Rules out most leads and walls, Lugia,Blissey,Skarmory
    Rules out most physical attackers, Arceus,Groudon
    Forces a switch.
    Sunny Day
    Rules out Kyogre,Politoed,Hippowdon,Tyranitar,Excadrill weather boosts

    Porygon2@Modest Eviolie Download EV:252 SP.Attack/128 Defense/128 Sp Dfnse

    Tri Attack
    With a Download boost can take down nearly any sweeper
    Shadow Ball
    Takes down Mewtwo,Deoxys,Gengar,Alakazam
    Ice Beam
    Takes down a huge amount of dragon and flying types
    Weakens Kyogres so other pokemon can revenge kill it

    Garchomp@Adamant Choice Scarf Rough Skin EV:252 Attack/252 Speed

    Huge power with STAB,takes down MixMence,Dragonite,Palkia etc
    Takes out Dialga and Excadrill
    Takes out Gengar,Alakazam,non-scarf Mewtwo
    Fire Fang
    Takes down Scizor,Forrestress etc

    Swellow@Jolly Flame Orb Guts EV:252 Atk/252 Spd

    Base power 220... can take out anything apart from rock and steel
    Brave Bird
    Takes down Blaziken,Machamp,Breloom etc
    Steel Wing
    Takes out non scarfed Terrakion
    Allows Flame Orb to activate

    Cloyster@Adamant White Herb Skill Link EV:252 Atk/128 Spd/128 Dfns

    Shell Smash
    Use against physical sweepers, main move
    Icicle Spear
    Can take most pokemon apart from steel and rock
    Rock Blast
    Takes out Ho-Oh,Charizard etc
    Razor Shell
    Takes out anything that resist the two above
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