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    Giving that I'm sure 99% of you, like me, play pokemon-online; this is extremely prevalent to you, as it could well be deemed as copyright infringement, regardless of whether or not it makes money.

    Please read this appeal below for the future of the internet.

    In the last year the following has happened:

    People sued over trolling on twitter
    Children arrested for teasing on facebook
    Government banning website after website
    And now Theresa May wants the police to be monitoring EVERYONE's internet usage *

    If you don't want this. If you want an internet where privacy is respected. If you want an internet where you don't have to look over your shoulder. If you want an internet where curiosity isn't a punishable offense then please; sign this.

    Internet has moved knowledge, innovation and peace further than any technology in our history. It has brought down dictatorships, found cures for diseases, discovered distant planets, reunited long lost relatives, help politicians to account, gotten voices heard, brought information to the masses and helped is al in more ways we can imagine.

    For the sakes of the future, DO NOT let governments "manage" the internet, and decide what we can, and cannot know.

    *makes various, overused references to nineteen eighty nine*

    * - BBC Knews 3-12-12
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    Your Internet will be fine.

    pm me any reports/questions that you may have
    (it may take a couple of days for me to respond, though)

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