Now here I am introducing a unique thread to share a discussion. Of course as a writer, all of us can't go wrong about personalities.

Personalities (sometimes called attitudes) are what brings any character whether they are bland, hyperactive, greedy, tsundere, and many more.

So what are the different types/kinds of personalities have you ever used? Or personalities that you struggle to use? Personalities you are yet to use?

What are the requirements to match your character to your selected personalities? Like do comical people use more metaphored words? Or a calm intelligent character speaks more formal words? Aggressive personalities use very bold words? Or loner characters speak very few words? Angry persons use violent characterization words on their enemies?

The other question is what personalities that synergizes and oppose to one another?

in equation terms:

let Per be personality

if true

Per. A = Per. B

else / if false

Per. A > / < Per. B

examples from my experience:

a. For me, joining a naive character and energetic character can be opposing but the two synergize together later on the story. Refer to a cyndaquil and a totodile

b. A Wise man and an Idealist man normally argue one over another. ask Reshiram and Zekrom.

c. Joining two characters who have troubled memories tend to join quite early or late in a story. Like a timid girl and a stoic boy. Try a female Kirlia and a male Riolu

d. Two very dependent twins with minor differences and many simlarities. Study Plusle and Minun, or go with Minccino and Swablu (loves to clean)

Share your examples to us.