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Thread: Would you like to see a episode or movie of Ash and Red meeting

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    Default Would you like to see a episode or movie of Ash and Red meeting

    Would you like to see the anime producers make a special episode of Ash and Red finally meeting each other? Along with Leaf, Green and Yellow?

    Or would you prefer the anime producers making a movie with Red and Ash and some more characters from the Pokemon Adventures manga?

    Or none of the above so Red and the others don't get ruined by the writers of the Pokemon anime?

    I wouldn't mind seeing a special episode of Red and Ash but kinda worried about the writers changing Red some of his personality and ruining him.

    What do you think?

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    It would be an interesting thing to see, though I must admit concern at how the writers would deal with Red.
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    not sure on the one hand it would be fun watching red destroy ash on the other hand the idea that the writers might ruin red makes it less than desirable.
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    Red doesn't need to be in the anime, it would be little more than fanservice.

    I like Red, but NO THANKS. Same with the other manga characters, they don't need to appear.

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    Ash and Red have basically the same original team, but apart from that it would be cool

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    No, because I don't want to see countless threads and posts, of how much better Red is, and wondering why the writers didn't make him THE protagonist.

    No, thank you.

    Edit: Oh and I hate to say this but your poll options suck.

    Seriously "No, the anime will ruin Red."

    Seriously who does that, how about a simple "No, EXPLAIN YOUR REASON"

    I hate biased poll options.
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    Nah. I see the anime and Pokemon Adventures in seperate canons. Sure I RP and I put them into one but do you know how CONFUSING it gets when you have Sapphire Birch (who looks strikingly like May) and Ruby being May's long not-so-missing twin? :/

    It's not that I think they'd handle him wrong, I just was never into that idea. XD

    Man I can't vote on the poll lol.
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    Good lord, two main guys who keep their rats out of their balls in the same episode?? Save us now -_-.
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    When I was young I thought Ash and Red were the same character with different Pokemon.

    Today I think they're the same character with different Pokemon.

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    9 people mashed the buttons to hard and didn't click 2.

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