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Thread: Pokemon Titles and Epithets!! Be creative!

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    Default Pokemon Titles and Epithets!! Be creative!

    For the past few days I have been creating titles/epithets that are appropriate for the roles/type/attribute of pokemons. I realised that it would be fun to ask the opinions and ideas of the serebii community so in this thread feel free to post your creative epithets. Oh and it would be nice as to explain why the epithet defines the pokemon you chose.

    (btw an epithet is any word or phrase applied to a person or thing to describe an actual or attributed quality; e.g. dog: man's bestfriend)

    To start off, i will list the obvious ones:
    • Lugia - guardian of the seas
    • Ho-Oh - guardian of the skies
    • Celebi - voice of the forest
    • Manaphy - prince of the sea

    And here are some of my own creations:
    1. Abra - self-hypnotizing telepath (abra purposefully hypnotizes itself to sleep or else it wont be able to utilize its teleportation and other telepathic abilities)
    2. Kadabra - metaphysical alpha waves (when alakazam uses its psychic powers, it emits alpha waves that can cause heeadaches to those around it)
    3. Alakazam - ingenious psychic (a psychic pokemon that has an IQ exceeding 5000)

    So there you go. Ready!! Set!! POST!!
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    Here's some more:
    Articuno: the Arctic Angel
    Zapdos: Glittering Thunderstorm
    Moltres: Dazzling Phoenix

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