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Thread: Is this a good team?

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    Default Is this a good team?

    i'm trying to make a balanced team for competitive play. These are the pokemon i'm thinking of so far:

    Blissey- special wall
    Typhosion- special sweeper
    Dragonite- mixed sweeper???
    Feraligatr- physical sweeper
    Hippowdon- physical wall

    and I'm thinking Lucario but i'm not sure what to fit it into this team as.

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    No moves, natures, EV's, individual descriptions, or hold items it seems like, yet.

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    I plan to give them all natures with no changes so I can EV train them better and I usually don't give them item until later and i'm not entirely sure on the moveset yet

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    The RMT rules say that the team has to be complete of Natures, Moves, EV's, Hold Items, and descriptions giving objectives/reasons for each Pokémon.

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    Welcome to Serebii! You're going to want to add descriptions of your Pokemon, as well as their sets for a proper RMT. You should really have all six pokes decided by the time you post here as well iirc.

    Looking at the team, it seems like its designed for OU play. Typhlosion and Feraligatr are both inviable in OU play, sadly. (Well Gatr can be good in rain, but not in sand.)
    So you are going to have to replace both. Chansey is also better than Blissey in almost every way, due to eviolite. I'm not going to build a team for you, but Keldeo and Terrakion are two excellent sweepers that work well in Sand. Good luck.

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    Well I guess I'll post again when I've figured that out

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    Sorry, but you're missing a lot of things required for RMTs.

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