Here is my pokemon white 2 team. I had some trouble with selecting which pokemon I wanted but I ended up with these. This is my ingame team.

Nature: mixed nature
Frenzy plant or Leaf storm
Leaf blade
Wring out
Giga drain
This time I wanted to go out with a mixed natured Serperior since I have used both the physical and special nature before. I am having trouble deciding between Frenzy plant or Leaf storm. I want to keep one of them. Giga drain keeping for extra HP, while I am taking Leaf blade as the physical mode. Wring out is just for normal types like Blissey.

Nature: Modest or any special nature
Ice beam
I am probably going to send this one from my black and white game since finding this pokemon in white 2 is such a pain in the neck. Ice beam and psychic to cover weaknesses. Surf for when I need to get somewhere on the water and as a water move for my fire or ground type enemies. I heard about the combination of ice beam and thunderbolt and wanted to see how it would work out. Also, It was a decision between Lapras, Golduck, or Dewgong. I was convinced of getting this one

Nature: Modest
Dark pulse
Heat wave
Energy ball
I have had Chandelure on my team before and it has served me well. Heat wave replacing Flamethrower while Dark pulse replacing Shadow ball because both Flamethrower and shadow ball were kinda getting old to see. I kept energy ball for coverage. I have seen psychic on a lot of Chandelure and just wanted to roll with it. Also, it was either this pokemon or Darmitian.

Nature: Special
Bug buzz
Power Gem
Air Slash
Sludge bomb
I am new with Vesiquen because as you can see, I have never used her before. White 2 will be the first time I used this pokemon. I threw bug buzz because it was a bug move. Power gem for coverage and I threw air slash and sludge bomb in there because I couldn’t think of any other special moveset for Vesiquen.

Nature: adamant or brave
Wild charge
Fire fang
Aerial ace
Like Chandelure, I have used this pokemon in my previous game and it had served me well. Aerial ace for coverage. Fire fang for the grass types in case Chandelure faints. Crunch for the dark types and Wild charge for the water types and wild charge replaced thunder fang. I was going to put Giga impact but I voted against it.

Nature: Impish
Ice fang
fire fang
Thunder fang
Like Vesiquen, I haven’t used Gliscor at all. Ice fang for coverage and for dragon types. Earthquake for electric and other pokemon that are weak to ground types . fire for grass types and thunder fang for coverage.