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    Default Star Fighters! [Mono #13]

    Yep, time for the Fighting Mono!

    I won't change the pokemon anymore, but the movesets and EVs etc. are still up to question.
    Changes in bold

    Only rule left:
    No HiddenP. And only stat boosting moves that raise 3 at least three stages(like shell smash, quiver dance, coil, cotton guard), please.

    So, enjoy:

    Breloom @ King's Rock
    Go go Technician!
    • 252atk, 252 spe
    - Mach Punch, lol
    - Spore
    - Focus Punch
    - Bullet seeed

    as sleep kinda guarantees one turm of sleeping, I guess I can safely run focus punch.
    (which will probably oneshot everything.)

    Mienshao @Life Orb
    Regenerator kills LO recoil.
    • adamant
    • 252atk, 252 spe
    - HJK
    - U-Turn
    - Rock Slide
    - Me First!

    Quite standard strategy....
    yes, I used this move for the first time in my long pokemon history in my B2Ingame team, on lucario.
    and fell in love with it.
    really, this is such a funny move, and you'll laugh when you OHKO half of Iris' team with a pseudo-STAB'd Outrage.
    And if you me-first a fighting move, things get brutal. A me-first'ed hammer arm has 225 base power, a focus blast insane 270. YAY!
    oh, and mienshao also has acceptable-to-quite-good satk, so it's no big deal if you copy a special move.

    Keldeo @ Choice Specs
    • modest
    • 252satk, 252 spe
    - Secret Sword
    - Surf
    - Hydro Pump
    - Icy Wind

    Yeah, maybe the only set it can run without CM.
    and this poké is also the reason I'll play this team in W1, cause his resolute form just looks so silly xD

    Conkeldeurp @ Leftovers
    Iron Fist
    • Brave
    • 252atk, 252HP
    - Drain Punch
    - Mach Punch
    - Payback
    - hammer Arm/ Ice punch

    Yeah, I know I'm probably crazy, but it seems kinda fitting to me to have those three moves, cause every move has a different purpose.
    DP is obviously for good damage and nice healing. But I think it's maybe too 'weak'... compared to hammer arm's huge base 120 power and no notable drawback...
    concluded: bla.
    Mach punch is even more obviously for priority and 72 base power after STAB and Iron Fist.
    not to forget that it already has perfect coverage in dark/fighting.
    Ice punch is the other option, for nice SE coverage and 90 base power.

    Lucario @ wiseglasses...?
    Inner Focus caus eit's fun to mash those Fake out liepards
    • <nothing -atk, -spe or -satk>
    • 252satk, 252 spe
    - Aura sphere
    - Flash cannonDragon pulse
    - Dark pulse
    - ESpeed Vacuum wave

    yeehh... not much to say?
    vacuum wave is another option for the priority, but.. espeed is a tad stronger... and priority-er...
    Dragon pulse for mashing dragons and vacuum wave now cause it has SE coverage.

    Scrafty @ expert belt
    Moxie is imo its best ability for a 'sweeping' set
    • adamant
    • 252atk, 252 HP
    - HJK
    - Drain Punch
    - Crunch
    - Ice Punch

    perfect STAB coverage, cool design, good STABs, what do you want more?

    Suggestions? Hints? Critique? Other things? 'This team is so cool!'s?

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    Did you know that...
    ... Arceus is only 4 times as strong as sunkern, seen from stats?
    .... that an internationally traded pokémon in the erratic exp.-group with a lucky egg and Exp. point power MAX that defeats a lv 100 blissey gets from lv 1 to lv 87?
    ... more than 3/4 of the DW pokemon found are male?!
    ... that you only need one (max-size) ice cream scoop to get to the minimal goal in the DW minigame?
    ... that Pelipper can't shoot in its DW minigame?? awww :<

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