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Its a league battle because their trainers used them in the league.


So anyway, we got our Amoongus revealed, so Klinklang left, Klinklang wil probably be the one belonging to Kotetsu then.
Amoongus and that are for January.

I saw the pictures and it looks interesting to me. There looked to be a decent amount of interactions between characters and even Pokemon. It was nice seeing everyone off doing their own little thing and how most of it ended up being connected with each other(Besides Stephan and his sauna).

Bianca and Virgil got pretty close to each other...I wonder who will ship them now.

Kotetsu needs to get a instant tent, no hard work, it just magically appears. But this is Kotetsu, he must not be aware this is Anime.

I would have liked to actually seen the battles from Ash, but oh well, at least Scraggy got a win and now we know where everything is, Ash vs Stephan is top 16, Ash vs Kotetsu is top 8, no more confusion now.

I love the end freeze frames, I wouldn't have thought they'd do it for those other characters but it looks nice to me, some are "meh" to me, but Dino is of course the best thing there, doesn't even want to show his face because even his back is the most awesome thing there...it'll be a crime if he doesn't win with his awesome Darumaka. Katherina looked nice too. The kid from today's episode looked like he was trying to be champ already.