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Thread: OU team involving Misdreavus!!

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    Default OU team involving Misdreavus!!

    So I decided to make an OU team, that's that. Only that I also wanted to use one of my favorite pokemon, Misdreavus. Misdreavus has a few qualities over its evolution, Mismagius.
    -Eviolite allows for better defenses. It's actually makes it able to take a Pursuit from Tyrannitar (although I play mind tricks with the Tyrannitar so he doesn't use Pursuit on my switch)

    To be honest I really don't have much of a theme with this team. I just wanted to see what I could make.

        Spoiler:- team building process:

    Finally, the team

    Din the Misdreavus
    @Eviolite. 252 HP, 192 def, 64 sp. def. Calm Nature
    Shadow Ball
    Pain Split
    Heal Bell

    Misdreavus is here to mainly act as a Cleric and spinblock. The EVs allow it to take two Life Orb boosted Hydro Pumps from Starmie, as well as being able to 2HKO Starmie. I'm thinking of replacing Thunder Wave with Will-o-Wisp to take on physical sweepers, but Thunder Wave was originally used to cripple Genesect until it got banned.

    Edward the Gliscor
    @Toxic Orb. 248 HP, 188 def, 72 spd. Impish Nature
    Ice Fang

    He usually does the cleaning up after hazards are set, as Ice Fang and EQ have great coverage. He's also my Terrakion counter and ca counter a few Dragon types. His biggest problem probably lies in not having a lot of power.

    Gin the Jirachi
    @Choice Scarf. 224 HP, 252 Atk, 32 spd. Adamant Nature
    Fire Punch
    Iron Head
    Ice Punch

    I changed Jirachi a bit, giving it a Choice Scarf and Trick so Rachi can cripple defensive pokemon as well as set up sweepers. Jirachi has great coverage with these moves, too bad they have a rather low base power.

    Ferris the Ferrothorn
    @Leftovers. 252 HP, 68 def, 188 sp. def. Sassy Nature
    Leech Seed
    Gyro Ball

    Takes on the big physical attackers in the metagame (although I might want to change up EVs to make it physically defensive). He is mainly my rain check (aside from maybe keldeo) and my dragon type check unless those carry a fire attack. Spikes is there because Heatran already has it, and Leech Seed is for recovery. Protect is for scouting and stall purposes, and Gyro Ball is for attacking.

    Hestia the Heatran
    @Air Balloon. 248 HP, 252 sp. def, 8 spd. Calm Nature
    Stealth Rock
    Lava Plume

    Heatran is there mainly to set up Stealth Rock. Lava Plume allows it to have a bit of offensive power. Toxic is for spreading status.

    Sting the Tentacruel
    @Black Sludge. 252 HP, 240 def, 16 spd. Timid Nature
    Rapid Spin

    Tentacruel is my Keldeo counter, who would otherwise wreck this team. I decided not to run Toxic spikes so that I could poison levitators. I gave up phasing for a Keldeo counter, which I think is worth it.

        Spoiler:- Former team member:

    I have posted this on Nuzlocke forums, but I just want to see the opinions I would get here.
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