Because of the overloaded servers, I got hit with a 1 hour suspension... I've never quit anything in my 21 years on this planet, and now I'm getting penalized.. This is some crud Nintendo.. I don't even know what to say..

I've been a part of every doubles competition since JAA 06. Need I say more?! I have experienced a drop of some sort 15 times. I have only 36 reported battles after 11 hours of consecutive battles because of this.

Nintendo is notorious for lackluster matchmaking support, and it is overly apparent today. I miss the days that require a 7 hour road trip to compete in sanctioned events. I've faced probably 8 other people from the midwest today, even though I came out on top against them all I still would have rather battled them in Tennessee, or southern Ohio like the good ol' days. Call me old fashioned, but simply because these servers are wretched, I believe that the original format of "Go to the mall, and wait and hope" is a more sound procedure.

Plus I know hax when I see them. Why can't the battle box?

*Rant concluded*