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  • Team Rocket

    17 27.87%
  • Team Aqua

    1 1.64%
  • Team Magma

    5 8.20%
  • Team Cipher

    9 14.75%
  • Team Galactic

    10 16.39%
  • Team Plasma

    19 31.15%
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Thread: Which Evil Team is the Best of All?

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    Default Which Evil Team is the Best of All?

    Team Rocket
    Leader: Giovanni
    Biggest Triumph: Launching a terrorist attack on Silph Co & The Goldenrod Radio Tower.
    Biggest Failure: Allowing a 10 year old into a secret hideout which was covered as a gambling facility.
    The Plan: In all Media Team Rockets main goal has been to attain ultimate power at any cost which has been shown in full swing in the Adventures Manga where they fused all 3 legendary birds, created Mewtwo, Kidnapped 2 Deoxys and used Arceus to try and create the space-time trio on the Myseri stage all of which where foiled by the protagonists of the respective series.

    Team Magma/Aqua
    Leader(s): Archie/Maxie
    Biggest Triumph: Releasing the legendary Pokemon Kyogre and Groudon.
    Biggest Failure: Nearly destroying the world or in Team Magma's case attempting to erupt mount Chimney for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
    The Plan: To create a world which would be predominantly covered by either land or sea because...of reasons that aren't quite fully established. In the Adventures Manga Archie became Guile Hideout (Killing Maxie in the Process) and tried to summon Jirachi to summon Kyogre so he could summon Manaphy and presumably rule the ocean.

    Team Cipher
    Leader: Grand Master Greevil
    Biggest Triumph: Completely harnessing the power of Shadow Pokemon which as a result allowed them to control the legendary Lugia as XD001.
    Biggest Failure: Dropping a highjacked cargo ship in the middle of a desert.
    The Plan: To unlock a Pokemon's untapped power by closing off all emotions and filling them with rage. The plan was create Pokemon at the Cipher Lab, Move them to the Under where they would be distributed in underground fights to test their power however this plan failed when West Snagged every last one of them. In Pokemon XD the plan was to perfect the Shadow Pokemon testing which they almost did successfully with the creation of XD001 who couldn't be purified even after being snagged except with the invention of the Purification Chamber.

    Team Galactic
    Leader: Cyrus
    Biggest Triumph: Managing to control 5 legendaries (Dialga/Palkia & The Space-Time Trio) which would allow them to create a universe of their own design.
    Biggest Failure: Constantly telling the player what the next part of their plan was allowing him/her to foil it.
    The Plan: For Cyrus was to create a Universe of his own design free of weight of emotions presumably to create a world of peace. The Plan for Charon was simply to attain however many powerful Legendaries from Sinnoh he could to become all powerful like every other legitimate villain and successfully captured Giratina, Darkrai and Heatran.

    Team Plasma
    Leader: Ghetsis/N
    Biggest Triumph: Summoning the Legendary Pokemon of the Tao and in the case of B2/W2 fused it to create the unstoppable Black/White Kyurem.
    Biggest Failure: Not killing the player despite having the perfect opportunity to do so and even promising to do so.
    The Plan: Initially to free the Pokemon of their trainers so they wouldn't be obligated to fight or be confined however upon learning that Pokemon being with humans is how they develop bonds N decided to disband the team. The Plan for Ghetsis was for all trainers to release their Pokemon so that when he attempted to rule the world no-one could oppose him.
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