View Poll Results: Who is the best villanous team of all?

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  • Team Rocket

    17 27.87%
  • Team Aqua

    1 1.64%
  • Team Magma

    5 8.20%
  • Team Cipher

    9 14.75%
  • Team Galactic

    10 16.39%
  • Team Plasma

    19 31.15%
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Thread: Which Evil Team is the Best of All?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadethewarrior View Post
    So because they came first that automatically makes them the best? What kind of flawed logic is that?

    Any way for me I think Team Plasma is the best, their story actually had some depth rather than the typical take over the world villain. They used means that most would not think of ex. Using and brainwashing an innocent orphan child for their own selfish agenda, all the while keeping a loyal and respectable image to the child and the public. In a sense Team Plasma was the dark truth of our world.
    No I mean team rocket is weird in so many diffrent ways with their attitude someyimes they can be helpful sometimes they can just be plain stupid.While the other teams have the same type of attitude if you know what I mean(Jessie,James,Meowth)
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