I was wondering what the best strategy is to find specific evolution items in PMD games. On Blue Rescue Team right now, I'm looking for a Sun Ribbon for my Eevee, and on Explorers of Sky, I'm looking for a Water Stone for my Eevee and a Fire Stone for my Vulpix. However, if anyone has any tips on how to find other evolution items, I'm sure there are other players out there who could use the information.
In my Explorers of Sky game, I've been looking on Shimmer Hill for Keckleon shops with evolution items - I know they're there because I've seen them there before. However, they don't show up very often, and sometimes I'll go through the entire dungeon without seeing a single Keckleon shop. According to the Items page on Serebii's EoS guide, random Keckleon shops with evolution items appear in Mystic Forest and Joy Tower. But I don't think that's exactly how the dungeon names are translated in-game, so it's hard for me to tell exactly which dungeons those are. I thought maybe Mystic Forest could be Midnight Forest, so I went through there again to check it out, but I didn't find anything. Maybe Mystic Forest is actually Mystifying Forest? I don't know.
Anyway, I'd appreciate advice on how to find specific evolution items in PMD.