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Thread: When should I save the game to save time if I want to breed a pokemon with decent IV?

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    Default When should I save the game to save time if I want to breed a pokemon with decent IV?


    I will try breeding for the first time and I want to do it as efficiently as possible. I want my Pichu to get good IVs so I was wondering when should I save to get different IV's after a soft reset if I don't like the hatched pokemon's IVs?. Should it be before putting the parents in the daycare? Should it be before I get the egg? or after I get it?

    I hope I make myself clear on this,

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    Before you get the egg. Once you get the egg the IVs, etc are set, so be sure to do it before then.

    If you have any other questions please try the help/questions thread sticky at the top of the section. Answered so going to close.

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