I am playing 3rd gen Pokemon (emerald) and am reaching my limits. However, I did not start playing until after all the events had passed, save the 10th anniversary mew i have. Since i have started playing, i have had a hack free policy, but Ive started thinking of loopholes to my own rules. Its essentially hacking without cheating. Since all "legit" 10th anniversary Pokemon are hacked into a cartridge by Nintendo, and then traded off at the events, is there a way to do this yourself? Im looking for ways to do one of the following, specifically for the 10th anniversary Pokemon:

1. Download Action Replay codes for these Pokemon hack into a second game, and trade to my game

2. Download a game save file with these Pokemon in it, put them onto my flash cart, and trade to my actual emerald

3. Find a Pokemon editor to create identical ones based off the info i have gained online

Does anybody know how i would go about doing this?