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Thread: Kyurem VS The Sword of Justice (M15)

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    This is probably the only movie that didn't show the ending montage with credits on TV, but they put the ending montage on the DVD.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemaniac24 View Post
    I have to say the song that plays in the end credits of the dub has become one of my favorite ending credits song of any Pokémon movie I've seen. It is really a beautiful song and ties in well to the theme of the movie.
    I agree with you, it's a great song and it nicely fits the ending montage.
    The song is called "It's All Inside Of You".
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    I don't know why some people don't like the simpler plot of the movie, I thought it was great. All the previous movies were "world is in danger, must save it!"...but they decided to try a new approach with this movie and with the Black and White series in general. The whole wanting to be just like your heroes plot was awesome, and Keldeo was just awesome. Sure, he's a little arrogant but changes for the better which makes for a good character arc. I thought the Muskedeers served their purpose in this movie and Kyurem was so much a villian...just a test Keldeo was running from which Kyurem didn't like. Kyurem just wanted to finish the challenge issued by the foolish it was stated by the Muskedeers, the whole "battle with Kyurem" was a rite of passage in becoming a Sword of Justice. They probably wanted to hold Keldeo off from battling him because they KNEW what would happen once Keldeo challenged, releasing a force of nature upon the world should Keldeo attempt to run away which the probably knew he would (then again, Terrakion said to run away to Keldeo but atm it was probably too late anyway). Kyurem however only persued but didn't really attack anyone besides Keldeo or Ash and co. He just wanted to finish the battle. Kind of like a Terminator in that regard.

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    Is this on UK Netflix? I think it is, but I might be wrong. I seem to have gained a sudden urge to watch the Pokémon anime for the first time in years.

    I am totally not planning on watching this just because of Porygon and Vic Mignogica. Totally.

    EDIT: Then again... people in this thread are saying this movie is really bad.
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    Well with this movie being on Netflix, i finally got round to watching this movie......and my god, it is so bad and predictable, i was surprised i watched all of it. it was so predictable, In the first 10 minutes of the movie it focuses on legendary A, legendary A gets into a spot of bother, legendary B causes trouble, legendary A meets Ash, Ash helps legendary A and tells them that they are friends. legendary A then grows through the friendship of Ash and is able to gain the strength it needed. legendary A then fights legendary B, it starts losing, but wait it is able to transform formes/mega evolve and then grows stronger and wins/learns a powerful lesson. It was so boring because the movies seem to be following the same formula that has become stale. And what really annoyed me was how all 5 legendary pokemon who appeared in the movie had the ability to talk telepathically. It really annoyed me because that used to be something that was unique, and now its becoming so overused, at first when Mewtwo did it in movie 1 that was fine, it was new, plus hes psychic, with Lugia it was still fresh, with Entei it was an iilusion, with Lucario it was fine I guess because he had the aura bond with Ash so for me that explained why the audience could hear him. Admit tingly Shaymin was were it first began to grow old, but at the same time Shaymin was quite sassy so it worked in a way. In terms of Arceus, he is the God of pokemon, if all these other pokemon were doing it was understandable that the God could do it. Zorua then carried it on, which I wasn't too keen on, but to have ALL five legendaries who appear in the movie talk was just too far for me and annoyed me. It really didn't work here and the movie could of been much better if none or perhaps just Keldeo could talk. Also I found it ridiculous that Iris stole a blimp from a museum, and knew how to pilot it straight away, it was completely unbelievable and it was at that point I nearly turnt off.

    As for the positives, I guess Ash's team had a bit of focus in some parts of the film, it was nice to see Boldore used. It was nice to see them making reference to the Village Elder as well.
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    I watched this movie (and the Zoroark movie) a few days ago, and it's definitely one of my favorite movies out of the one's I've seen. Keldeo has been one of my favorite mythical Pokemon for some time now, so I've been meaning to watch this one.

    Since I watch Pokemon more for the actual creatures themselves, the first (roughly) 14/15 minutes of this movie where Keldeo is training with the Swords Of Justice/battling against Kyurem were the best 14/15 minutes of my life. If there was an action-y Pokemon made that was just like that, it would be my dream Pokemon movie, for sure. That might just be me, though.

    Also, I'll be honest, when Ash. Iris and Cilan appeared again after all that, I was thinking "No! don't go back to focusing on those impudent humans!" I'm kidding, of course, I don't actually hate the human characters that much when compared to the actual Pokemon themselves.

    I assumed Keldeo was going to be the Pokemon of the movie to speak through telepathy, but I never saw Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion and Kyurem speaking telepathically coming! Not by a long shot! And their voices (Keldeo included) fit them perfectly. In fact, the way Keldeo's voice sounded was pretty much what I expected it to sound like.

    Keldeo can fire water out of it's hooves: I know a few thought it looked kind of silly/odd-looking, but to me It. Was. AWESOME!

    When Keldeo's horn broke, one word: OW!

    Some thought the oath at the end was corny/cheesy, i thought it was pretty cool.

    The only thing I didn't like about it was that it was too short, I have to agree. Compared to the Zoroark movie, since I watched both of them in the same night, this one felt a bit short. Doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it any less.

    Edit: I just watched this movie for the second time, and I noticed something.
    First, I have to say I still haven't seen all the movies yet, the oldest one I've seen so far is Celebi: Voice Of The Forest.

    When it comes to the movies I have seen, this one is I think the only one out of the others, so far, to not have at least one other human character helping Ash and his other companions help the starring (mythical) Pokemon. I'm not counting that one scene in the Pokemon center with Nurse Joy, because I'm sure there needed to be some scene that let's Ash and everyone else know what Pokemon they have to help.
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    Better late than never. I've now seen this film in both languages. I'd say they are of equal quality.

    I think Vic Mignogna was a great casting choice for Keldeo. I'd even go so far as to say he was better at it than Shoko Nakagawa was (protip, Japanese version: don't have "underact" and "overact" as a character's only deliveries; also, I'm very surprised how many people prefer Mignogna over Nakagawa. I'm far from the only one.). On the other hand, Katsumi Takahashi was the better choice as Kyurem. Marc Thompson was good, too, but not as good. So, it all balances out.

    Now as for the actual film, it's great. Lots of action, character development, and letting characters other than Ash, Pikachu, and the eponymous legendary have important things to do. It all made for a great movie.
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    Recently, I went back and watched some previous movies to remember some plots and this was one of them. After watching it again, it felt just as boring and bland as I remembered it.

    Seriously, the vast majority of the movie was just Keldeo and Ash and co. running away from Kyurem with nothing interesting happening in between. They save most of the good stuff for the climax, which is bad because by that point I was already bored and was waiting for them to do something of interest. Also, I will flat out admit Kyurem being able to freely change its form really bothered me because of the lore, I mean I'm well aware games=/=anime, but still. The only decent thing about this film was the plot twist at the end, it's not something you'd expect.

    This movie is easily my least favourite out of all the movies released thus far, but maybe that might change in the future.

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    Okay, the plot has been done to death before. Arrogant squire picks a fight with great dragon. I actually was disappointed with the fact that the knight theme and dragon theme wasn't explored more. But it's the characters that saved the film. Ash and friends finally took the background and let Keldeo be the star. Sure, this movie wasn't as actioned-packed, but it makes up for it in character development. Keldeo went from arrogant to humble. He went from hot-blooded, arrogant shounen hero to calm and seasoned knight. Kyurem was menacing. He was an even more obsessive Inspector Javert.

    One thing that bothered me was the excessive amounts of flashbacks. God, stop it! Sometimes we got flashbacks to events that seemed to happen like two minutes ago. Really. The run time was also off. We could have developed the other swordsmen.

    As a movie, it sucked. As an extended episode, it was great.
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