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Thread: What kind of DS do you own?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon Trainer X View Post
    Actually, I have every kind. I've had the 3DS for the longest out of them all, and my dad found the others at a garage sale for 5 bucks a piece. They were mint condition too!
    Wow, that's a really good deal. I can't find then anywhere under $40, and at that price, they're in bad shape.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vestara View Post
    I actually signed up for the Serebii forums when I realized that since X & Y are 3DS exclusives, I'll no longer be able to trade between versions: hence I should probably start networking and finding non-GTS people to trade with. ^_^
    Oh man, I never realized that. Looks like I'll have to start saving for the 3ds xl then

    I currently own a black ds lite and an aqua 3ds. I co-own an original ds (I gave it to my mom), and traded away another ds lite for the dsi xl, then traded the dsi xl for the 3ds.
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    I own

    The origonal- working
    The ds lite- intermitent failure
    The dsi -communications failure
    The 3DS -working
    The pikachu 3DSXL -working main ds secondary main handheld.

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    NDS lite, and here is the details:

    - Its now 7 years old!
    - Its pink (its a gift from a company, cannot choose the color.)
    - Left speaker no longer working. (forced to use mono in sound settings)
    - L button completely broken.
    - Lost all of my pen thingy.
    - Left and right button react slowly.
    - Completely loose, top screen almost snap off.
    - Countless visible scratches on the bottom screen.

    Im thinking about throwing the DS thing away but meh, its somewhat precious to me lol

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    DS Lite

    I'll buy a 3DS near the release of X/Y if I'm still in the Pokemon mood. BW2 nearly killed it.
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    I have a 3ds XL only. I wish I still had my Japanese DS lite...

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    I have the original DS still in good condition (good for capturing gen 3 pokemon, transferring then restarting) I have a DSi which I got really cheaply and this week I bought a 3DSXL after I saw the gen 6 trailer.
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    I still have an original DS I got back when they first come out. Still in pretty good condition too, somehow...

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    Both the DS Lite and DSi XL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todoserugi View Post
    i have an almost broken lite. somewhere
    Is the right hinge broken? I have that as well. It broke from me playing it in my sleep and leaving it in my bed, followed by knocking it out in the morning not realising it was there. strange story.

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    I have a DSi. The L button is half broken. And the R button completly broken.

    I have it since my last birthday. The stupid thing is, I HAD the choice of a 3DS. I feel so stupid e.e Atleast it has the Flipnote Studio.
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    I have a DS Lite.
    IT was originally a Black/Red one, but it is a Pikachu DS now. I got it because I lost my white one in Big Lots...
    1. It does not charge
    2. The upper screen with randomly turn white.
    3. Wireless does not work (Has to be right next to the DS or Router)
    4. L or R buttons don't work.
    5. Bottome Screen is scratched up

    I am going to get a 3ds, or a 3ds Xl. Not sure which one...

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