Pretty much right now I see a trend on alot of forums in the regard to energy acceleration decks and people making great use of them in a variety of different ways. Engines such as dark patch, hydregon, klink, dynamotor, emboar and blastoise seem to be all the rage, however I wanted to make a decklist that used the popularity on a multi level playing field.

when I go to tournaments I notice there is a great divide between players who play well and suck, those that suck generally bring a weak deck-list in hopes of continuing playing the game and in loo of this I always feel like a douche when I know after my third turn that there is no way they could counter my next 4-5 moves and even if they did I would still have a 2-3 card prize lead. Not to mention the large amount of new players that we get that are either really good or really suck and on average only about 1 in 10 continue to come to league. I made this decklist fgor competitive and none competitive, it's pretty much the eels engine with various weird techs.

2 rayquaza EX
2 mewtwo EX
2 minun (DEX)
2 virizion (NV)
1 terrakion
1 sableye
1 delibird (BC)
3-3 dynamotor (Eelectrick NV)

3 fire energy
4 prism energy
9 electric energy

4 N
4 Cheren
4 Random Receiver
3 ultra ball
2 max potion
2 level ball
3 catcher
3 switch
1 revive
1 super rod

strategy, arch-types etc:

1. ultra ball and cheren and no juniper: Now some people may be annoyed at my none use of juniper, however I personally believe that using shuffle and draw cards for electric energy and ultraball to be a faster setup option then using juniper because of speed and playability, not all the time will I be wanting to discard my hand for a new hand and sometimes I notice that it actually hinders me as a player so I don't use it for those reasons, you could put a world championship whatever infront of my face and say it works but I noticed in the world championship game with Levin and Costa that Levin was wasting alot of his resources because of juniper and ultraball, that in mind it is an extreme risk you play every time you play juniper and I see it no differently then if you where to put a pokeball into you're deck the possibility of the next 7 card hand can either crush you or make the game, ultra ball and cheren reduces the risk to an automatic win every time.

2. minun, virizion, sableye and delibird:
- I personally think that delibird is a fun tech being able to search my deck for anything.
- I put sableye because you never know when it'll come in handy.
- Virizion was for setup draw and for keldeo.
- minun, is very versatile, sometimes you need to deal that extra 10 dmg because last turn you're opponent forgot to heal they're pokemon, or even for setup to just mess around with you're opponents before you setup you're additional heavy hitters.

3. It's an eels deck, but for those that don't know the basic concept is to discard the electric energy with ultra ball by using the cherens and Ns of the deck to pull them out then attache the energy from you're discard pile using dynamotor to the pokemon on you're bench to speed up you're attack time and increase the dmg dealt.

4. I think it's a fun deck to play.