I get that this is Pokemon and is mostly about fighting Pokemon and getting to the Poke-league and that kind of stuff. Mixed in with the few creepypasta plots and plots that center around evil teams and them taking over the world.

I have been wanting to post a fanfic that revolved around food or cooking for sometime but never had the guts to because I doesn't seem like it goes. Pokemon is an adventurous series (like Sonic the Hedgehog, except I did write a Sonic fanfic based around a birthday party. Pretty laid back) and I do feel that I have to add some adventure to it. I wrote a short story that I never posted because it didn't fit. I don't think it fits on FFN (it's about Mars teaching a friend how she cooks something, yeeah). But if I wanted o write a story based on someone making a meal out of rare berries only found in the Unova region... would I need to add some adventure to it? I think I would but, I wanted to see what others would think.

    Spoiler:- idea: