Kotetsu fits the same shonen trope of the, "idiot kid hero" that Ash plays in shonen anime. His personality is similar to Ash in many ways as in the enthusiastic kid hero with a somewhat airhead personality. His design is also not tied to any generation by not being a game character, meaning her could fit for any gen.

Kotetsu has been promoted by the writers in various ways:

- He got a full Gym battle to himself, Marlon, who was one of the only Gym leaders Ash himself never battled in the series.

- He replaced Dawn in the opening after she left.

- He beat Bianca in the league, who was the only girl rival of the series.

- Its almost confirmed that he beats Ash in the league

- Its quite possible that he may beat Virgil too, and win the entire league in the process

- He has some of the most popular and well promoted Pokemon, like Lucario, Hydregion, Samurott, etc.

Why would the writers be promoting a new rival like this so much? None of the other rivals ever got this kind of treatment by the writers. It almost seems as he's being set up to become a possible main character, or spearhead his own series as a new kid hero.