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- He got a full Gym battle to himself, Marlon, who was one of the only Gym leaders Ash himself never battled in the series.
They had to show Marlon in some episode just like they did with Roxie. What would be the point of Ash fighting him if he has all his badges already?

- He replaced Dawn in the opening after she left.
Exactly, she left. There's no point on having someone in the opening if they arent there anymore, in my opinion.

- He beat Bianca in the league, who was the only girl rival of the series.
Meh, Paul beat Barry. Theres always that one rival Ash doesnt fight.

- Its almost confirmed that he beats Ash in the league
True, but still there's chances that Ash does win and Virgil beats him in the rest of the episode.

- Its quite possible that he may beat Virgil too, and win the entire league in the process
Where did this come from? I can say that it's quite possible that Kotetsu beats Cynthia and becomes a Pokemon Champion, but without any kind of evidence (especially since we dont even know if Ash does lose against Kotetsu).

- He has some of the most popular and well promoted Pokemon, like Lucario, Hydregion, Samurott, etc.
This I agree with.

I'm sorry Cyber, can't agree with your way of thinking in here. Unless a chronicle, Ash wouldn't lose his main character role to Kotetsu. Kotetsu would have to get a Pikachu because of all the merchandising and stuff haha... I hope