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Thread: Tcreel's Pokefusions

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    Default Tcreel's Pokefusions

    This is one of my sprites and i hope you can give me some critique on it. 4-way Fusion Success.png

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    It would've been nice to find out what you used to make the fusion. Arbok, Weezing, and Scolipede are noticeable, so I assume the fourth is a Poison-type as well? Using an online source like Photobucket to store your sprites will make it much easier for people to view and critique your sprite, rather than having to switch to another tab to look at it again. The sprite is ok. The outline shows very few signs of anti-aliasing, only appearing in the head area around the smoke pots. And there are pink outlines on the gas clouds, which doesn't really help them stand out. Working on anti-aliasing will help fix this sprite up a bit.

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