Um hey first thread so hopefully everything is right

but anyway... have you noticed with RSE that with the torchic line that it has a weakness to most of the gyms in the hoenn region

i mean:
1st gym is Rock both grass and water have advantage but fire doesnt
2nd (fighting) all equal
3rd (electric) marshtomp has immunity
4th (fire) marshtomp again with advantage
5th (normal) only gym where torchic line has advantage
6th (flying) all at a disavantage
7th (psychic) blaziken is now screwed
8th (water) Blasziken is now even more screwed
and the champion wallace is also a water type

5 gyms where torchic line is at a type disadvantage and only 1 advantage
treecko line has only 2 disadvantages and 3 advantages
mudkip line has only one direct disadvantage and(if you evolve to marshtomp before 3rd gym) has 3 advantages

to me just feels like poor little torchic ain't getting too much love in game :L