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    Mantine is a pokemon designed for Double battles/Triple battles as supporter.
    And with the right help he can be such an pain to kill. Lightingrod pokemon is Mantine's best friend, he could be an nice lead with Manetric as partner.

    Pure supportine

    Mantine - Bold.
    Water absord / Swift swim.
    252 HP / 176 def / 76 sp.def / 6 spd.

    - Scald
    - Wide quard
    - Confuse ray / Toxic
    - Aqua ring / Rest

    Wide guard to protect itself from Discharge, and support his Lightingrod teamate against the overused Earthquake or Surf incase you have Rhydon/rhyperior with lightingrod as your partner.
    Scald is for burning your opponent with decent amount of power, confuse ray is rather an filler and can also be changed with Toxic depenable of your
    team building. Aqua ring to increase stall in combination with leftovers, or if you want to play and quik recover go for rest, although not recommand due
    Mantine being asleep is basically screwed.

    Pure Offensetine
    Mantine - Modest.
    Leftovers / Damp rock
    Swift swim.
    252 Sp.attack / 76 sp.def / 176 spd. / 6 HP

    - Surf / Scald
    - Air slash / Rain dance
    - Ice beam / Rain dance
    - Toxic

    More offensively based moveset, never do 252 ev's on swift swimmers unless their base speed stat is really low. (Like Armaldo)
    And well I think its obivious, set up rain and try to sweep. Once there is an waller in front of you, either switch or leave it with toxic.
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