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    Default Trickster Zorua's Trade Backyard

    Welcome to mine Pokémon Trade Shop! First I want to say thank you for looking at this thread! I really appreciate it! And I'm gonna tell now about the shop! This is my New Trade Shop for 5th Gen (B/W/B2/W2)! I offer pokémon, and some services! Here are the rules!

    *Coming soon the "Rules" banner*

    -Don't trade me hacks, Pokégenned/file/pkmn. file, or self made pokémon! Or then I put you in my blacklist and report you in the Serebii Trade Forum Black List!
    -Clones are accepted! (Must be obtained by glitches due the Clone Rule)
    -Be nice to me and other customers!
    -No trolling,swearing, blaming etc in my shop, or you get a strike and I will then report you!
    -My timezone is GMT +1 (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London etc.). So please say times we want to trade in the GMT +1's time. So if you have the timezone GMT -7 and you want to say (your time) 10:00 PM, then you say to me 8:00 AM.
    -Don't lie about the pokémon you offer, please say the truth.
    -If I accidently trade you a hacked pokémon, say it to me then we trade back! I will release that hacked pokémon immediatley then!
    -DW/DR Pokémon that are Female are Hatchlings! You get the hatched Hidden Ability Baby! Nature can be asked for!

    I want to say we offer these pokémon/services:

    -Levelling up (by Join Avnue's Ring and Dojo's)
    -Breeding (No Egg Moves or IV's/EV's, just for Nature and/or pokémon)
    -Event Pokémon
    -Shiny Pokémon
    -DW(F)/DR Pokémon
    -Pokédex Fillers
    -Random Hatchlings
    -EV'd Pokémon
    -Other helpful pokémon
    -Nicknaming (we nickname pokémon of mine OT!)

        Spoiler:- Event Pokémon:


    EV Trained Pokémon
    Other Events I'm intrested in

    *DW/DR Pokémon Banner*
        Spoiler:- DW/DR Pokémon:

    Wants: Male Egg Move Pokémon/DWF Pokémon/Shiny Pokémon/Pokémon I want that are useful (If you have a Trade Shop, I will search something out that then!)

    *Shiny Pokémon Banner*
        Spoiler:- Shiny Pokémon:

    Shiny Pokémon
    Japanese Shiny Ditto


    *Pending Trades/Finished Trades Banner*
        Spoiler:- Pending/Finished Trades:


    Your Boss (because he donated a free Male Japanese Shiny Vileplume!)

    The Art List (People that made art for my shop, on request or just without request):

    Lucina Archaelis because she made the shop banner/logo thingie, thanks Lucina!

    Myself for the Legendary Pokémon banner!
    Last edited by Trickster Zorua; 10th May 2013 at 9:28 AM. Reason: Logo/Banner made by Lucina Archaelis!

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