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Thread: Is my Pokemon Green Leaf a fake?

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    Default Is my Pokemon Green Leaf a fake?


    I have been reading and gathering a lot of info throughout the internet to know if my pokemon Leaf Green is fake or not with no success. There is so much misinformation that makes it impossible to know for sure.

    I was wondering if people could post their original cartridges information so I can contrast it with mine.

    The info I need is the following:

    1- Cartridge color is green and non-see though (label is kind of holographic).
    2- Near the pins it says "© 2001 Nintendo AGB-E02-20" (the Nintendo logo is not surrounded by an oval)
    3- On the front label is has the "seal of Quality" (which I believe belongs to the FR and LG versions) and it says "AGB-BPGP-EUR" (for USA I believe it is AGB-BPGE-USA"). On top of this code there is like a stamp with "19A".
    4- On the back: First line: "Nintendo" (with an oval), below, "MODEL NO. AGB-002" and below that, "PAT. PEND. MADE IN JAPAN"
    5- My Leaf Green doesn't show any weird "save file message"

    If anyone reading this has a 100% original cartridge, the info would be much appreciated since I am out of options on the internet.


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