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    The Realix Academy is a prestigious institute where trainers come to acheive their highest ability possible. It is a large island quite a distance off the coast of Sinnoh's Battle Frontier. In the center of the island is the academy which is designed to look like a castle, it has five towers that are tall. Each tower has stairs that branch off from the main building. It is a white castle with purple roof tops of each tower and the main sector. The choice of whtie as the main color is to symbolize purity of heart, one of the principles installed in the school by its founder: Charles Hanson. This school has existed for fifty years now. Many of the worlds best Pokemon Trainers, Coordinators, and Breeders studied here at Realix.There are three course plans for each type of student: trainer, coordinator, and breeder. There are five basic courses each student will take no matter what, but one special course for their specific trainer career path.

    Now behind the main building are four three-story buildings. The white building with the red roof is the girls dormitory. The white building with the blue roof is the boys dormitory. Each one has 200 rooms. You, as a student, live in one of these dorms. The white building with the green roof is the large dining hall where the delicious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served for the students and staff. The white building with the yellow roof is the on campus Pokemon center where Pokemon can be taken for healing or in case of emergencies. It has its own Nurse Joy there as well.

    Now farther South of the school is the Overgrown Forest. It is a large forest that contains an abundance of wild Pokemon, professors will often take their classes out here for a lesson on catching Pokemon or other such things. Students are only allowed in the forest during the daytime afterschool. Once sunset begins students are expected to be back on campus by then. There are also quite a variety of different plant life that breeders will come to know very well, such as berries that can help cure a Pokemon's ailments.

    Farther South of the Forest is Windy Valley. A valley of deep green grass and for some reason the winds in this area are always blowing ranging from gentle breezes to vicious gales. This is where special events such as festivals and other such things will take place. Students are not allowed to be here at all during the day without an adult's presence.

    Now if you go as far East as possible from the school there is Starstruck Mountain. It is extremely forbidden for students to go here because many dangerous Pokemon live there. This mountain is actually an inactive volcano but is still seen as a threat to students, especially with the rock, ground and fire type Pokemon that roam the area. Expulsion is the punishment for being out here with or without a teacher.

    Now if you go West of the school you will come to the Dry Plains. For some reason it is hotter over here than on any other part of the island and the grass is much taller. Terretorial Pokemon live here and are known to attack any person that tries to go through the plains. Obviously, this is a forbidden location as well punishable by expulsion for trespassing here.

    Now if you dare to continue going West you will reach the Scarlet Temple. It has been on the island for thousands of years, even before Realix was founded. The structure of the temple is old and run-down, it could probably collapse at any given moment. There are many legends and tales surrounding the temple and existence, but one that most people believe is that there is a guardian Pokemon who will attack any trespassers on the temple's sacred grounds. It goes without saying that this location is forbidden and the punishment is expulsion.

    Now if you go North from the academy you will find Chillshore Beach. This a big beach which always seems to be cold and has the whitest sand one will ever see. This is where new students will arrive by boat. This is one of the few locations the students are allowed to come even in the evening, but are expected back on campus before nightfall.

    Your Role: You are a new student here at Realix Academy who has showed great potential as a trainer in order to have been accepted. Students should always strive to become the top student at Realix Academy. Though some strange occurrences have been noticed here on campus. A few students have gone missing without a trace of there location. There have been two sightings of strange figures in pitch black robes, one in the Overgrown Forest and one on the school's rooftop. Could there be a connection between the two? Maybe you'll be the one to figure that out or maybe you'll ignore all the weirdness and just focus on your Pokemon destiny. It's up to you.

    Pokemon Basic Battling (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Basic Study (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Evolution Study (All Students Required)
    Pokemon World Studies (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Health Class (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Advanced Battling (Trainers Course only)
    Pokemon Contest and Coordinatng (Coordinator Course only)
    Pokemon Breeding 101 (Breeders Course only)

    Your schedule will consist of all five classes in order as above but your last/sixth class will be whatever type of trainer you are. So at the end of the day trainers will have the specific trainers only class, as the same with coordinators and breeders.

    Teachers: (are NPC)
    Mr. Higgens is the Basic Battling Teacher. He is a very strict and old fashioned teacher.
    Ms.Sarden is the Basic Study Teacher. She is a young and enthusastic teacher.
    Mr.Kody is the Evolution Study Teacher. He is a clumsy and humorous teacher.
    Ms.Ratzfield is the World Studies Class teacher. She is a very up tight and down right cruel teacher.
    Mrs.Merryweather is the Health Class Teacher. She is a good hearted and kind teacher.
    Mr.Dayyton is the Advanced Battling Teacher. He is a hard-working and tough teacher.
    Ms.July is the Contest and Coordinating Teacher. She is an arrogant and sarcastic teacher.
    Mr.Fynn is the Breeding 101 Teacher. He is the laid back and relaxed teacher.

    Head Master Lance: The highest in charge at the school. A quiet and serious man who is devoted and has a high passion for the academy. His ancestor was the founder of the academy. He always has his partner Pokemon Lucario outside of its Pokeball and at his side.

    Student Registration Form

    Age: (13-19)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    History: (one good paragraph on your characters past)
    Personality: (one good paragraph about your character)
    Pokemon Team: (3 Pokemon. You will be able to catch some later)
    Appearance: (link to picture and a good description or just a description)
    Trainer Type: (Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder)
    Other: (any other info we should know about)

    School Rules:
    1.) All Students are to be on School Grounds by 8 PM.
    2.) Any misuse or abuse of Pokemon will lead to expulsion.
    3.) Forbidden Areas are off limits.
    4.) Students are off on the weekends but curfew still applies
    5.) Pokemon are to be kept inside Pokeballs inside the school unless told otherwise by your instructor

    RP Rules:
    1.) No godmodding, flaming, or bunnying.
    2.) All forum rules apply.
    3.) Only three characters max.
    4.) You must be dedicated to this RP.
    5.) No legendary Pokemon allowed on team
    6.) At least one solid paragraph for each post and no double posting
    7.) Please try to use correct grammar and spelling so others can understand your post
    8.) Keep everything PG-12 guys!
    9.) Let's have fun!

    Roxy Lockheart and Justin Metrix and Demeitra Hansen (Mickmon95)
    Samantha Sparks and Silence Dogood (SamanthaSparks)
    Keith Weston (ImanOkie12)
    Shay Kuroma and Marina Kuroma (xXTwilight)
    Lucas Serenes and Lucia Ashford (Andydemon)
    Alex Cavelry (AJ2000)
    Shay Novella and David Muse (SpyroxPikachu)
    Buster Jack (CuriousHeartless)
    Sergio Valentine, Elizabeth Greene, and Jonathan Jones (Billy Mays)
    Casey Nuevo (Digipoke)

    Zekshirom- Lulana (Coordinator)
    Curious Heartless- Breeder
    Krazy95- Trainer and Breeder
    ImanOkie12- Trainer
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