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Thread: <<Crimson Infinite>> Online ~[SU] PG14~

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    If you're still accepting reseerves, I'd like to reserve a Water Elementalist please.

    Once that's done for we still have wind.

    Edit: Well, the outfit sure is... let's just see how Stella reacts to this. Let's see.

    Real Life Name: Geraldine Aqua
    CIO Name: Undine
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Her weapons take the form of a water-based trident. At first glance, it looks like a melee weapon, but it can be used to enhance her generally far-range water-based skills. It is, however, false to say that it is completely impossible for it to perform melee stabs.
    Weapon Name: Aquarius
    Class: Water Elementalist - Water Elementalists are masters of water. They can manipulate water using magic, and in numerous ways, such as walking on it, or even combat. They even perform excellently in an environment of their element - water, mainly enhancing their speed, agility and water-based skilks. In turn, on land, their speed is lower than an average player's(which is precisely why Undine wears so little), and their defenses are average too, as they don't normally wear much armour.

    Avatar Appearance: This avatar has been minorly modified. Undine's long, silky hair that reaches down to the ground is blue, covering her butt. Her skin is a rather pale shade that is rather close to grey, along with blue fins replacing her ears that make her stand out like a fish out of water. Her eyes are aqua blue. She stands 1.67 metres in height and has a cup size of C, along with wide hips. Her thighs are thick, and her arms are quite slender. Her slender and curvacious body is admired by many. It can be seen that her back is so clean and bare, one can slide their finger along it without interference. Her shoulders and leg joints can be seen to have what looks like blue fins akin to her ears, along with signs of blue scales.

    Undine's outfit is absurdly revealing. White seashells have been seen barely covering her large breasts, with no strings attached. She does, however, have pure white ribbons twirling around her hands. She has a pendant with a blue, star-shaped jewel on it. Her crotch too, has a small, white seashell covering it with no strings attached, same goes with her butt, except the seashell is larger. On her thighs are more ribbons that twirl around it, ending with cuffs that end just above the feet.

    She doesn't wear shoes or gloves. When in water, she can activate an active skill - <<Mermaid Mode>> where she looks quite different. While her upper body almost remains the same, same her arms turning more scaly and webbed. All her clothing items disappear, except her weapon and pendant. Everything from her hips below is altered. The shells and ribbons on her lower body are now gone. In place of it is a blue fish-like tail, where a blue dorsal fin grows. Her body is now covered in white cloths, including a white sarong surrounding her waist.

    Personality: Undine is an absurdly shy young lass. She can often be seen shivering in fear, usually over nothing, which is precisely why she prefers ranged attacks. She often cowers in fear when meeting new people. She is quite the crybaby and will often cry. A lot. Due to this, she often prefers solo-playing until someone she finds 'nice' comes along to help.

    Despite all that shyness and timidness, within her is a leader. She is excellent in planning and always insists that the team plans during important quests. She is also one to never give up until the end, and will always continue to persist until the fight is over, until she dies, and even after her teammates have perished.
    Other: Her default equipment, along with a special skill, allows her to swim at a faster rate than average players, enough to match the speed of monsters in the lake area. Her water-based attacks are also stronger in aquatic environments. In return, she is slower on land but faster on water compared to an average player. She has a class-exclusive active skill - Waterwalking. However, she requires practice as she often slips on the slippery water, thus, for now, swimming is a better choice.
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    Took longer then I thought...

    Real Life Name: Lawrence Douglas
    CIO Name: Daisuke
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: Katana
    Weapon Name: Muramasa
    Class: Samurai

    Avatar Appearance: Lawrance, of Scotish decent, sports a clean cut head of blonde that reaches his ears, and for his class, arranged into a topknot. A narrow face all around, with sharp green eyes and awkward nose, but a wide grin most of the time. His armor is a basic samurai fatique. A gray western style cuirass covers his chest. Gray shoulder and forearm gauntlets for his arms. Silver thigh guards donned over a black hakama, and for his feet, short riding boots. Attached to his waist is his Murasmasa, a blood thirsty sword of legend, but only appearing as a simple katana.

    Personality: Daisuke will never deny that he is into the female body. A lot. Often seen ogling at the pretty passerby. He's a challenge seeker, often testing his limits. And quite a fan of plays and operas, belting out a few "original" and cheezy lines.

    Lawrence is not a pervert, and will frequently deny it. A bit of a xenophilic, his current obsession being Japanese culture and mythology. While he can be a prick to most, he holds a soft spot for the younger generation.

    Other: Samurai gameplay is based on the Quick Draw mechanic. Tending to hold two-three blades on their person, Samurais may only equip one at a time. By Quick Drawing, Samurais may switch blades, and by doing so, dealing a small amount of damage to nearby enemies. Blades may break frequently, either by use of special skills or blocking. Blades can be recovered in their sheath, but if broken in combat, must be repaired by blacksmith.

    PASBL Info

    Thanks Pengyzu.

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    I hope you don't mind that I made a second character, Chaos! :3c

    Real Life Name: Amelia Watson
    CIO Name: Meulin
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Hammer – a two handed weapon, can only be used at close range. (A red hammer, has decorative spike.)
    Weapon Name: Asylum
    Class: Necromancer – A class that specializes in dark magic, some of their abilities actually drain life from their opponents. Necromancers are able to raise dark creatures to assist them in battle, although they don’t gain these summons until higher levels.

    Avatar Appearance: Meulin is about 5’5”, she has white hair with the tips colored an icy blue that fans out in somewhat of a feathered cut. Atop her head rests a pair of goggles, she uses these in boss battles and the like. Behind her goggles, rest a pair of soft, white, cat ears, unmoving and somewhat creepy. Her eyes are a vibrant green, very similar to how most people would picture cat’s eyes, and her mouth is in a ‘3’ with two fangs; mimicking a cartoonish cat.

    She wears a black sweater, thick, warm, and easy to move around in, perfect for fighting; along with striped purple and black pants and high black feathered boots. She also has a long, feathered, dragon-like tail, which sways out behind her as she walks. Her outfit is a mixture of the darkness that usually embodies the necromancer, and a cutesy, more calm side. She choose the fluffy dragon tail because it reminded her of a cat's tail.

    Personality: Meulin is prone to over reactions, she loves ‘shipping’, even trying to use her shipping skills in real life situations to hook people up. She talks about her ‘feels’ quite often, saying how much a television program or battle has upset her. “That battle hit me right in the feels guys”. She uses terms such as ‘weeping’ or ‘screeching’ in everyday speech, sometimes confusing quite a few people.

    Mmo’s are actually not a new thing for Meulin, she’s been playing for ages, finding party members with common interests to her. (She was once part of a guild called “lonely girls who like cats”). She’s not exactly a planner when it comes to raids however, and usually just does something spontaneously.

    She’s considered much more of an extrovert than an introvert, and will express her feelings if you irritate her or make her sad. She usually relies on her feelings more than her actual thoughts when making decisions so she can sometimes come off as slightly rash.

    Other: She’s a huge shipper, adoring any and all pairings that appear in her fandoms. When she types it usually appears like; “(^•ω•^) < I am completely unable to can right now”. (AKA; she’s a huge cat-girl)

    What she looks like:
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    @ Sam - I wasn't planning on allowing people 3 characters due to concern over them not being able to handle it but I will make an exception seeing you've been very active. Accepted!

    @ Xander Kaiser - Looks good! Don't be afraid to make your character human by exploring his fears/dreams/weaknesses and the like! Accepted!

    @ SpyroxPikachu - I will be honest, I'm not sure whether your character having a weapon will be a hindrance due to their class. Remember Necros are by no means melee fighters and that may be destructive against her! Accepted!

    SUs are officially close.


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